Kelty Backpacks

Kelty backpacks are a travelers bestfriend. Well-known for their products affordability and reliability, Kelty is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to outdoor gear.

It was established in 1950’s by the carpenter, Dick Kelty, who used to create packs for others in his garage. Because of the quality of the backpacks and affordability, he gained a lot of recognition for it and was soon able to start on a business. However, years after, Kelty Pack, Inc was bought in 1979 by American Recreation products, also a Kellwood Company subsidiary. To gain complete ownership on the Kelty products, American Recreation products filed for the Kelty’s original trademark on October 9, 1975. In the present time, the same company manufactures Kelty backpacks in their main facility at St. Louis, Missouri.

For many years, Kelty has perfected itself in the art of making personalized backpacks. Every backpack they sell is manufactured under strict standards set by Kelty, which was backed up bya series of studies and years of technological research. All these tests and studies are done to ensure that each backpack will be able to answer the needs of its owner and be able to stand the test of time, varying terrains, and unpredictable weathers and seasons wherever it maybe. No wonder why, Kelty backpacks, most especially Kelty hiking backpacks, has its name echoing within the circles of athletes, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts who can tell which are bona fide quality outdoor gears from those that are not.

Aside from hiking backpacks, Kelty has a wide assortment of choices for all customers when it comes to bags. They produce well-rounded and timeless kinds of bags that people of all kinds and ages can use, like Kelty baby backpack carrier that is specifically made to provide comfort to the baby and allow easy handling for moms and dads.

Lightweight, compact and affordable, Kelty backpacks can not only stand the tests of heavy load, they are also made to be functional and fashionable. Armed with adequate baggage space and several compartments matched up with myriads of styles, you can be assured that Kelty backpacks are not only durable but it also imbues visual appeal that will surely make others look your way.

To know more about how other backpack lovers think about Kelty products, you can browse the Web for more Kelty backpacks reviews to help you decide on which of their models of Kelty backpacks you would like to have and would fit your lifestyle needs.