Toddler Backpacks

Toddler Backpacks

Toddler backpacks are a great way to make your toddler feel important and more like “one of the big kids.” Whether it is putting things in the bag for their first overnight away from Mom and Dad, bringing their lunch for an outing, or just putting some toys to have at dinner, toddler backpacks can help you from having to lug everything and make young boys or girls feel special.

Toddler Backpack

Toddler Backpack

If you are going to a doctors office or some other important appointment, a toddler backpack can have enough stuff to keep your toddler occupied. You can include a few toys to keep them occupied or throw in their favorite game or coloring book.

Toddlers love to copy you. Consider giving them an old cell phone to put in the bag or a keyring with some old keys that they can attach. You can then ask your toddler if they have their phone and keys!

Picking the Right Toddler Backpack

This is really important! Choose the right toddler backpack and your child will not only feel special, but you will get them to carry some of their own stuff. Choose wrong and you will now be carrying everything your child can stuff into the backpack. Here are a few practical tips:

  • Inner Material. The toddler bag needs to be easy to clean. Your toddler will want to carry everything including food and drinks. The right material will be easy to clean so you do not have to worry. A lined pack will allow you to just wipe out the inside when there are accidents.
  • Outer Material. I tend to avoid fabrics for my toddler’s backpack. Fabric holds stains, gets wet (a these do not always easily dry), and can hold smells for long periods of time.
  • Logo. This can be a really difficult decision. Your son or daughter may love Thomas the Train or Dora today, but who knows what they will like next week. You run the risk of your child wanting a new backpack next week. You can choose a more generic logo like policeman or doctor or choose a more generic bag. Your child’s imagination could let it be Dora’s bag today, Spiderman’s tomorrow, and whoever else’s next week.
Toddler Backpacks

Toddler Backpacks

A Few Backpack Tips

There are a few tips to make sure that your toddler backpack fits correctly:

  • Size. The backpack needs to fit correctly. Many toddler bags are about 10″ – 12″ high and 10″ – 12″ wide. The bag should not overwhelm your child’s back. Some bags are as large are 14″, but this size is for older, bigger kids.
  • Load. You may have read about kids developing back pain because they are carrying loads that are too heavy. In general, your child should never carry anything more than 15% of their body weight. This means if your child weighs 30 pounds, they should probably not carry more than 5 pounds total.
  • Straps. Thick, padded straps are the most comfortable. The straps should be adjustable and a hanging hook will help out at home or daycare. If your child is going to over stuff and carry heavier weights, you might want to consider a bag with waist support or a chest strap.
  • Number of pockets. If your toddler bag has a few pockets than there will be easy access for commonly used items.
  • Zippers. Does the toddler bag you are considering have a zipper? If it does you need to make sure that your toddler can operate it. If they can’t, consider a bag with a flap.
Toddler Bags

Toddler Bags

Personalized Backpacks For Toddlers

Personalizing your toddler bag will not only make it easy to find and differentiate, but also make the bag that much more special for your child. Clicking on either of the links below will bring you to a site that will allow you to personalize your child’s backpack.

Personalized Children's Trolley - Pink

Personalized Children's Trolley - Blue

Additionally (affiliate link) is a great place where you can personalize all sorts of bags for your toddler. Any bag they sell can be personalized for your toddler.

 Some of Our Favorite Toddler Bags

These bags are some of our staff, friends, and families favorite bags. Let us know what you think.

Manhattan Portage Kid Backpack 1906The 1906 is a smaller backpack, perfect for an older toddler.

Exterior Features
  • Made of High-Quality CORDURA Plus Nylon, by Invista
  • Water-resistant coating
  • Easy carry top handle
  • 0.40 lbs
Hello Kitty (Silver / Pink)

Take a favorite friend to school with the Hello Kitty backpack from Hello Kitty. PolyesterDual adjustable padded shoulder straps. Two zipper compartments. Two side mesh pockets. 16"H x 13"W
Wild Outdoors Blue B Accessories (Blue Black)

Carry your toddler essentials in style with this toddler bag.One main zippered compartment. Front zippered compartment. Interior zippered compartment. Allover polka dot design. Lined padded adjustable shoulder straps. 55% linen 45% cotton.
Dora Talking BackpackDora Talking Backpack

Press Backpack's mouth to hear adventure phrases. Backpack comes with a phone comb star compact spinner with adventure Dora of the day glasses bracelet and Map! All items can be stored inside backpack!
Domo Neon Plush Big Face BackpackDomo Neon Plush Big Face Backpack

Domo Neon Plush Big Face Backpack
Ted Plush BackpackTed Toddler Backpack

This adorable backpack will never leave your child' side. They have a cuddly friend as well as functional backpack.
Barney Plush BackpackBarney

Is your child a barney fan? This toddler bag will go everywhere. Lots of space for whatever your toddler needs, plus the friendship of a plush toy.